Tasty tips for a healthy winter


January is an odd month. Steel grey days that never really seem to get light, damp cold that sits in your bones and the inevitable colds and coughs. It can feel like there isn’t a great deal of cheer to be had, especially after the jolly joy of Christmas.

Our beautiful views keep our spirits up.


I find it’s a case of finding comfort in every corner of I can and one of my favourite places to find it is food. Not in the heavy, calorie rich excess of Christmas, but food that I know is doing me good. Nothing faddy; I prefer the honesty of a good homemade soup, packed with vitamins and minerals from a home made chicken stock or broth. Chicken broth has been medicine for centuries and the health benefits are outstanding.

  • Fat from the chicken promotes a healthy immune system. Perfect for warding away colds and other winter nasties.
  • Minerals such as Magnesium (increases energy, helps digestion), Calcium (essential for building strong bones) and phosphorus (helps detoxify the body, and maintain cognitive function)
  • Collagen and Glycerine work alongside the mineral traces to build strong bones, healthy hair and skin that glows.


Add to this the innate comfort of a warming bowl of soup and it’s clear why this is such a winter food hero.

Stock is easy to make, you just need a little time. It’s perfect for if you have a day of doing jobs around the house. Put it on in the morning, and just let it simmer, oh so gently, for as many hours as you can. It brings the added bonus of making the house smell delicious.

This is my favourite recipe, which I make using the bones from a roast chicken. It’s not a recipe so much as a collection of simple simmered goodness.


One chicken carcass.

Two onions

Two carrots

One stick of celery

Handful of peppercorns

Two Bay leaves

A sprig of thyme

What to do.

Take all the meat from the chicken, (set it aside to use on curries, risotto or just in a fabulous sandwich)

Pack the bones into a stockpot or medium saucepan.

Pour over enough cold water to just cover

Bring to a gentle simmer, and allow to bubble for a minimum of  three hours. The longer you can let it simmer the better.

Strain the stock through a colander then a muslin sleeve. If you haven’t got a muslin sleeve then a sieve works fine.

That’s it. The stock can be frozen or used within three days.

How do I use it ?

Let me count the ways…….





Casseroles and Stews


It gives a depth of flavour and an immense feeling of satisfaction from creating something from what would normally be wasted.

Top Tips

  • The chicken bones can be frozen for up to three months, so don’t panic if you haven’t got time to make the stock straight away.
  • Don’t feel you have to use a whole carcass. Leg, thigh, wings all make a great stock.
  • The veggies don’t have to be peeled, just rinse away any dirt before popping them in the pot.

Of course, if all that seems like just too much effort, we are open as usual for you to enjoy lunch,dinner or drinks after a crisp walk taking in the ethereal magic of our winter gardens.

Our gardens have a special kind of magic in the calm of the winter months.

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Glorious Game

Game night is nearly here! This year it falls on Friday 26th January, and it’s our favourite way to inject some warmth into the chilly gloom of the winter months. It’s also a welcome alternative to the plethora of fad and fashion that seems to dominate the food industry in January. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what is on trend, what is the latest miracle food or what food we need to avoid. Game is low in fat, high in flavour and beyond the fickle reaches of fashion. It’s also utterly delicious.

Smoked pigeon paired with nutrient packed beetroot risotto and complimented with aromatic juniper.

Game night brings the opportunity to try something different. What about smoked breast of pigeon paired with a sumptuous beetroot risotto delicately fragranced with juniper ? Or a terrine of rabbit, ham and mushrooms perfectly complemented by a salad of endive, pear and walnut.

Rabbit, ham and mushroom terrine with a salad of pears, grapes, endive and walnuts.



As well as being delicious, game is packed full of lean protein and essential minerals, so they more than meet our hopes of a healthy start to the new year.


Local venison, slow cooked in velvety three tuns chocolate stout creates a divine marriage of flavour and texture.

We’ve so much choice in our main courses too. Perhaps you crave the rich comfort of  venison, gently braised to create a melting, mouth-watering symphony of flavour balanced by the subtle bitter sweet undertones of Three Tuns chocolate stout accompanied by a vibrant bubble and squeak and the sweet, mellow taste of roasted parsnips. Not for you? How about a delicate ballotine of partridge served with a luxurious truffle risotto, balanced with tasty braised cabbage and the savoury notes of celeriac purée? I’ve got my plate ordered already! If you don’t fancy meat, we’ve fabulous fish dishes too, with the very best seasonal trout and salmon having a star role in our menu. Our game is sourced locally, with much of it coming from Apley farm which is literally moments away from our kitchen, or from our trusted Shropshire based fishmonger.

Stuart making the final touches to each carefully crafted plate.


Combine these wonderful dishes with the warmth and relaxed elegance of the Hundred House and you have all the ingredients for a delightful evening.

Our welcoming warm surroundings are the perfect setting for an evening filled with flavour.


Cal us on 01952 580240 or email reservations@hundredhouse.co.uk. to snag one of the last few tables.

Find out more about our game here


and more about ThreeTuns Brewery here


Words by KathrynAnnaWrites


Pictures of Game Night 2017 by  award winning wedding photographer Andy Li


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What’s new for 2018

Well the whirlwind of Christmas has come and gone, we’ve already had our first wedding fayre of 2018 and we have a delicious crop of events to brighten these chilly winter months.

A few of our highlights for the first part of 2018

I’ll be telling you more about our fabulous events, from the rich tradition of Game Night to the lively zing of our Tapas evenings, as well as a sneak peek at our special menus for Valentines celebrations and Mother’s Day.

I’ll also be finding out more about Apley Walled Garden, who will be supplying exciting new varieties of veg for 2018, as well as taking in the sights of our own lovely spot of Shropshire.

A promise of good things to come.







Some of the team who have helped us to WIN the regional finals and our place at the National Wedding Awards.


Add to this the excitement of attending the national wedding awards you can tell the  blog posts are going to be packed full of tasty treats.

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