It’s Tapas night!

As I write, the first splash of spring sunshine is grazing my keyboard. I’m not quite transported to the hills of Andalusia but it’s amazing how the first hints of spring make me want to move from eating pies and sumptuous stews to the vibrant colours and flavours of southern Europe. Tapas night is one my favourite of our gourmet nights, and the menu this year is as inviting and lively as ever.

Creamy Leek and Mussel soup, pillowy tortilla and a variety of pintxos are all part of our fabulous Tapas night

Drawing from his travels through the Basque region, including the food paradise of San Sebastián, and time spent in Andalusia and Valencia, Stuart has perfected a unique menu that highlights the flavours of Spanish cuisine that enhance the relaxed feel of an evening spent with good friends, good food and a crisp drop of manzanilla.

Tapas originates from the practice of using a saucer as a cover for a glass of wine. These covers were adorned with tasty morsels of food to attract customers, which soon became as popular as the wine, with bar owners seeking to produce the most flavoursome flashes of local flavour.

Fennel and orange give vibrant notes of Spanish flavour to our tapas dishes such as creamy mussel, leek and fennel soup, or succulent duck leg slowly cooked and infused with orange and warm Moorish spices.

Our menu showcases the best of Spanish food, from the simplicity of Iberico Ham, to the delicate complexity of a salt cod and parsley croquette, we want to take you on a journey through this enticing country from the comfort of our warm and vibrant restaurant.

Warm and lively, Paprika brings a unique flavour to our Chicken Pinchitos.

We’ll introduce you to Pinchitos (or Pintxos), the Basque version of Tapas. The principle of little plate is the same, but Pintxos are always served on skewers. Or perhaps you fancy indulging in a unique taste of Valencia, with our Squid, Fennel and Morcilla stew. Morcilla is found throughout Spain, and the recipe varies with plenty of regional rivalry as to which if the best. We find the warm spicing of recipe common to Valencia is the perfect seasoning for this flavoursome dish.

Moorish influence on Spanish cuisine peppers our Tapas menu.

Desserts are a splendid as ever, Crema Catalana is my personal pick, originally created to celebrate the feast of St. Joseph, this dense, luxurious cream borrows from Crème Brulée, with the flavourings of citrus and caramel that belie its Catalan origins. Or finish you meal with a zing of lime and chilli sorbet. Add in the fact that we have music from the fabulous Synergy and you can be sure we’ll have a gorgeous evening that will really make you feel summer is on it’s way.

Call 01952 580240 to join us on the 6th of April and journey through the delights of Spanish cuisine, all for just £27.95.



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Glorious Gin

A perennial classic, Gin has fizzed into the spotlight in recent years.At the Hundred House we have joyfully embraced the exciting flavours that have developed through the focus on carefully crafted gins, that draw inspiration from traditional knowledge of spicing and aromatics. Whilst I talk a great deal about our wonderful food and gorgeous gardens, it really is time our fabulous range of drinks were placed in the spotlight and where better to start than with gin!

Not long until its time to sip a gin under the Cherry Blossom. I can feel the gentle sun on my face already.

Whilst we are all familiar with classic brands that give us a cheery lift when we hear the clink of ice and feel the tickle of fizzy tonic on a summers day, the delights of small batch gin are what excite us at the Hundred House. By carefully selecting specific botanicals, gin makers create a unique range of flavours, which are enhanced by choice of tonic. It’s fabulous to help our guests  find their ideal blend, and it’s always fun  journey.

Whitley Neill is one of our favourite suppliers of small batch craft gin.

One of our most exciting suppliers is Whitley Neill.  A descendant of the legendary Greenalls brewing family, Johnny Neill has  used his knowledge to create a unique range of gin that fit beautifully with our values of fine flavour and innovation married with knowledge gleaned from family tradition. Blending familiar botanicals with more unique flavour of Baobab the Whitley Neill brand is a vibrant addition to our range of gin.

What can I taste ? All about botanicals


Juniper – this is the classic “gin” flavour that gives gin it’s bittersweet flavour.


Florentine Iris – Hailing from Italy, this imparts a soft fragrance that balances citrus notes and adds sweetness


Cassia Bark – a cousin of familiar cinammon, Cassia bark brings warmth to the aroma


Andalucian Lemon and Orange – zingy citrus notes balance the spice and lift the aromas, similar to the impact of a gremolata.


Baobab –  fruit of the African Baobab tree and the signature botanical of Whitley Neill, this brings a grapefruit softness to the gin, creating a truly unique drink.

A range of flavoured gins mean we can help our guests create a unique drink.

Our flavoured gins give a new dimension, elderflower is a familiar summery delight, with a heady perfume and floral finish while  our unusual nettle gin gives a herbal hit that is perfect to enjoy surrounded by the fragrance of herbs from our gardens.

Choosing the perfect tonic means you can create your ideal flavour combination.

The flavour of gin is further refined by the addition of tonic. Lamb and Watt tonics blend pure water from the Lake District with a range of herbs and florals to make your favourite gin sing a unique tune. When we found out their Basil tonic had been voted “best for 2018” by the Craft Gin Club we had to try it.   The basil brings a sweet-savoury sweet note that works beautifully with a gin such as Hendricks, with it’s distinctive Mediterranean nuance, always intensified by the classic cucumber garnish. Or perhaps a bouncy Hibiscus  to lend a tonic mysterious sweetness to the simplest gin is more appealing ? Where you have a more complex gin, or one with a strong flavour, such as J.J. Whitley’s Nettle Gin, the clarity of a classic tonic enhances without dominating the precisely crafted balance of flavour.

And if all this choice is a little overwhelming, we still offer the classic pairing of Gordon’s and Schweppes !

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Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

For me Mothering Sunday marks the beginning of spring. It’s a little hard to believe that with the distinct chill in the air and frost still glittering the leaves but we have snowdrops nodding their cheery head, and the daffodils are getting ready to burst into flower.

Soon our gardens will be filled with these beauties. Spring is round the corner! ©kam


What is Mothering Sunday ?

  • Mothering Sunday is held on the fourth Sunday of lent, exactly three weeks before Easter. It was traditionally the date people would visit their “mother” church which was the biggest church or cathedral in their area.
  • In later years, it was adopted as a time when those in service were given rare time off, to visit their mother, often taking a gift from their place of work.
  • The sense of occasion meant that the traditional rules of fasting were relaxed, and a celebratory meal would be enjoyed by the family, as part of all being together again.

Flowers and small gifts as well as delicious food are still a big focus for Mothering Sunday, and as you know, we love to help you celebrate your family. There is no better way to say thank you to all those who give their time to caring for us than with a sumptuous lunch or supper.

Our charming decorations create a special atmosphere


Celebrating the beginning of spring our menu fizzes with exciting dishes such as braised shoulder of lamb infused with the unique flavours of Morocco, or the simplicity of a perfect roast served with trimmings galore.

Whatever you decide, and whether you choose to have a grand gathering in our tithe barn, or a more intimate meal in our charming restaurant we will make sure it is a day to treasure. Contact 01952 580240 for more details, and follow this link for to see our full menu


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Let us make your Valentine’s Day.


Scroll to the end of this post for details of our amazing Valentine’s overnight stay !

For centuries food has been a symbol of love. Whether it’s sharing a meal with friends, a big noisy family gathering or an intimate and delicious dinner for two, food is a perfect way to show those close to us how much they mean.

Care and attention is given to every plate.

At the Hundred House this February we have a perfect way for you both to celebrate your love for food and for each other. Our menu is thoughtfully created to be packed with romantic classics such as half a dozen oysters perfectly paired with exciting aromatics, or new tastes such as our elegant duck breast served with a silky blueberry sauce and contrasted with unctuous confit duck leg matched beautifully with a crisp potato rösti.

A perfect pairing of Duck and silky Blueberry Sauce. 

Our setting is brimming with romance. Imagine being surrounded by lovingly arranged fresh flowers, low lighting and imaginative décor, the atmosphere is perfect for a truly unique romantic experience. We look after everything,which means you can get on with the most important part of the evening; celebrating being with the one you love.

Fresh blooms bring an air of vintage romance to your evening.


Stylish and romantic, our dining areas create are decorated to create a perfect setting for an intimate evening, filled with delicious food.

Full details of our gorgeous offering for your Valentine’s Celebration can be seen here

Please telephone 01952 580240 or call in to book. We don’t want you to miss out on what is one our favourite nights of the winter season.

Step away from the everyday by spending the night in one of our beautiful rooms.

Why not make a night of it by staying in one of our gorgeous rooms? We have an amazing package available. For just £199 you and your loved one can celebrate in sumptuous style. Our special package includes

A chilled bottle of Prosecco

A Valentines Plate including special valentines chocolate

A Hand-tied Herb Posey for you to keep as a memento

A lavish three course valentine’s dinner in our restaurant

A night in one of our individually designed bedrooms.

Thus fabulous offer is limited, so do get in touch as soon as you can on 01952 580240

We can’t wait to make your Valentine’s day !

Call our reservations team on 01952 580240 to enquire about availability.

You can find out more about our rooms here

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Wedding Winners

Check our Facebook page for details about our amazing late availibility packages

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we attended The Wedding Industry Awards. If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll already be familiar with our journey but I thought I’d take the chance to share some of our memories, and some of the wonderful things our customers had to say about us.

The Wedding Industry Awards are a glittering celebration of the best in the business.

The Wedding Industry Awards are national awards,voted for by the people who really matter; the brides and grooms. It is a real accolade for our hard-working team, and we were thrilled to have our place in the final. Winning the regional award for Best Wedding Venue means we know we give our couples a truly memorable wedding day to treasure.

Some of our proud team.


Team work and expertise create wedding days that our couples treasure.

One of our favourite things about receiving our award was being able to read what our guests had to say about their day.

I would highly recommend The Hundred House to anyone who wants a heart-felt wedding day as our wedding was just perfect and if we could go back and do it again we wouldn’t change anything. All of the staff were so helpful and on hand from the day we booked, they were so accommodating and excited for our big day that it made us feel special. The food was out of this world and everyone commented on it. The barn and the gardens added a spark of magic to our special day, everything was stunning!!! Date/Time of Message: 30/08/2017 19:16


The day was amazing very well organised but relaxed. Nothing was too much trouble. The day just flowed perfectly and my guests loved it. The barn was a great venue for an intermate wedding and we felt our guest were close to us during the ceremony which was beautiful. The gardens are stunning in July for photos and guests to wander. Food stunning and no one went hungry during the day and the canapés, ice cream in the garden and fantastic mini fish and chips fir the evening. Date/Time of Message: 30/08/2017 19:31


Gemma and the team at the Hundred House were first class, nothing was ever to much for them. Friendly, wonderful staff, stunning venue, and incredible food, would highly recommend to anyone looking to get married Date/Time of Message: 30/08/2017 20:56


These are just a few of the wonderful things the voters had to say. It means so much to read that all the care, planning and hard work we give to each of our couples means so much.

Our wonderful wedding manager Gemma enjoying her moment in the spotlight.

To discuss a booking or for more information; please call us on 01952 580240 and ask for Gemma, our dedicated Wedding co-ordinator. Gemma will arrange to spend time showing you our fabulous venue, and finding out exactly what will create a magical and unique wedding day.

Click the link to find out more, and remember to check our events page for details of our fabulous wedding fayres. 

Here’s to a fabulous 2018 !

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Tasty tips for a healthy winter


January is an odd month. Steel grey days that never really seem to get light, damp cold that sits in your bones and the inevitable colds and coughs. It can feel like there isn’t a great deal of cheer to be had, especially after the jolly joy of Christmas.

Our beautiful views keep our spirits up.


I find it’s a case of finding comfort in every corner of I can and one of my favourite places to find it is food. Not in the heavy, calorie rich excess of Christmas, but food that I know is doing me good. Nothing faddy; I prefer the honesty of a good homemade soup, packed with vitamins and minerals from a home made chicken stock or broth. Chicken broth has been medicine for centuries and the health benefits are outstanding.

  • Fat from the chicken promotes a healthy immune system. Perfect for warding away colds and other winter nasties.
  • Minerals such as Magnesium (increases energy, helps digestion), Calcium (essential for building strong bones) and phosphorus (helps detoxify the body, and maintain cognitive function)
  • Collagen and Glycerine work alongside the mineral traces to build strong bones, healthy hair and skin that glows.


Add to this the innate comfort of a warming bowl of soup and it’s clear why this is such a winter food hero.

Stock is easy to make, you just need a little time. It’s perfect for if you have a day of doing jobs around the house. Put it on in the morning, and just let it simmer, oh so gently, for as many hours as you can. It brings the added bonus of making the house smell delicious.

This is my favourite recipe, which I make using the bones from a roast chicken. It’s not a recipe so much as a collection of simple simmered goodness.


One chicken carcass.

Two onions

Two carrots

One stick of celery

Handful of peppercorns

Two Bay leaves

A sprig of thyme

What to do.

Take all the meat from the chicken, (set it aside to use on curries, risotto or just in a fabulous sandwich)

Pack the bones into a stockpot or medium saucepan.

Pour over enough cold water to just cover

Bring to a gentle simmer, and allow to bubble for a minimum of  three hours. The longer you can let it simmer the better.

Strain the stock through a colander then a muslin sleeve. If you haven’t got a muslin sleeve then a sieve works fine.

That’s it. The stock can be frozen or used within three days.

How do I use it ?

Let me count the ways…….





Casseroles and Stews


It gives a depth of flavour and an immense feeling of satisfaction from creating something from what would normally be wasted.

Top Tips

  • The chicken bones can be frozen for up to three months, so don’t panic if you haven’t got time to make the stock straight away.
  • Don’t feel you have to use a whole carcass. Leg, thigh, wings all make a great stock.
  • The veggies don’t have to be peeled, just rinse away any dirt before popping them in the pot.

Of course, if all that seems like just too much effort, we are open as usual for you to enjoy lunch,dinner or drinks after a crisp walk taking in the ethereal magic of our winter gardens.

Our gardens have a special kind of magic in the calm of the winter months.

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Glorious Game

Game night is nearly here! This year it falls on Friday 26th January, and it’s our favourite way to inject some warmth into the chilly gloom of the winter months. It’s also a welcome alternative to the plethora of fad and fashion that seems to dominate the food industry in January. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what is on trend, what is the latest miracle food or what food we need to avoid. Game is low in fat, high in flavour and beyond the fickle reaches of fashion. It’s also utterly delicious.

Smoked pigeon paired with nutrient packed beetroot risotto and complimented with aromatic juniper.

Game night brings the opportunity to try something different. What about smoked breast of pigeon paired with a sumptuous beetroot risotto delicately fragranced with juniper ? Or a terrine of rabbit, ham and mushrooms perfectly complemented by a salad of endive, pear and walnut.

Rabbit, ham and mushroom terrine with a salad of pears, grapes, endive and walnuts.



As well as being delicious, game is packed full of lean protein and essential minerals, so they more than meet our hopes of a healthy start to the new year.


Local venison, slow cooked in velvety three tuns chocolate stout creates a divine marriage of flavour and texture.

We’ve so much choice in our main courses too. Perhaps you crave the rich comfort of  venison, gently braised to create a melting, mouth-watering symphony of flavour balanced by the subtle bitter sweet undertones of Three Tuns chocolate stout accompanied by a vibrant bubble and squeak and the sweet, mellow taste of roasted parsnips. Not for you? How about a delicate ballotine of partridge served with a luxurious truffle risotto, balanced with tasty braised cabbage and the savoury notes of celeriac purée? I’ve got my plate ordered already! If you don’t fancy meat, we’ve fabulous fish dishes too, with the very best seasonal trout and salmon having a star role in our menu. Our game is sourced locally, with much of it coming from Apley farm which is literally moments away from our kitchen, or from our trusted Shropshire based fishmonger.

Stuart making the final touches to each carefully crafted plate.


Combine these wonderful dishes with the warmth and relaxed elegance of the Hundred House and you have all the ingredients for a delightful evening.

Our welcoming warm surroundings are the perfect setting for an evening filled with flavour.


Cal us on 01952 580240 or email to snag one of the last few tables.

Find out more about our game here

and more about ThreeTuns Brewery here

Words by KathrynAnnaWrites

Pictures of Game Night 2017 by  award winning wedding photographer Andy Li

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What’s new for 2018

Well the whirlwind of Christmas has come and gone, we’ve already had our first wedding fayre of 2018 and we have a delicious crop of events to brighten these chilly winter months.

A few of our highlights for the first part of 2018

I’ll be telling you more about our fabulous events, from the rich tradition of Game Night to the lively zing of our Tapas evenings, as well as a sneak peek at our special menus for Valentines celebrations and Mother’s Day.

I’ll also be finding out more about Apley Walled Garden, who will be supplying exciting new varieties of veg for 2018, as well as taking in the sights of our own lovely spot of Shropshire.

A promise of good things to come.







Some of the team who have helped us to WIN the regional finals and our place at the National Wedding Awards.


Add to this the excitement of attending the national wedding awards you can tell the  blog posts are going to be packed full of tasty treats.

Subscribe using the link below to get our blog posts direct to your inbox, or follow our page on Facebook for regular updates from our admin team.

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Christmas is coming !

We are in full festive mood at the Hundred House and the beautiful blanket of snow that fell over the weekend has given an extra sparkle to our restaurant and gardens. We’ll be publishing some photos of the decorations later in the week, but why not take the opportunity to visit out winter wonderland and take advantage of our fabulous lunch menu. Check our Facebook page for opening times over the next few days.

Just a few minutes drive from the Hundred House Ironbridge is full of hidden gems for you to explore. Perfect for a long weekend, although the snow isn’t a permanent feature !

















Throughout December we are offering our festive menu featuring tempting  seasonal dishes such as venison terrine paired with a homemade crab apple jelly, or lightly smoked pheasant breast brought to life with a walnut and sage stuffing. We’ve got traditional options too, with that special Hundred House feel that only comes from championing local produce and innovative style. The full menu is featured on our events page


Whether it’s a treat for finally finishing your Christmas shopping, a casual catch up with friends before the hectic Christmas break or an early family celebration give us a call on 01952 580240 to reserve a table and start Christmas 2017 in style !

Our cozy fireplaces create a perfect Christmas backdrop.

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Homemade Christmas Gifts – Ginger Liqueur.

The final in our series of alternative Christmas gifts is a real corker. Warming brandy infused with fragrant ginger,cinnamon and a sparkle of orange zest are melded together in this gorgeous liqueur to create a perfect gift.

I can imagine enjoying this during those lazy days between Christmas and New Year; a long lunch at my favourite restaurant (HH of course,) then a crisp, invigorating walk before finally curling up with a glass of this warming liqueur. Just add a good book, a board game or a favourite cosy film, and there we have it.Festive bliss.

Unlike a lot of homemade liqueurs, this ones doesn’t need a long time to steep, so it’s an ideal last minute make.

Brandy,ginger,cinnamon and vanilla combine to make this cockle-warming treat.

What you need

  • 2 thumb sized pieces of root ginger
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  •  zest of 1 orange
  • 1 1/2 cups brandy

    Peel the ginger (I find a spoon is easiest tool for this) and cut it into thin slices. Split the vanilla pod lengthways.

    Place ginger,vanilla,sugar and water in a pan. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for around twenty minutes until the ginger is soft.

    When the ginger is tender, remove from the pan from heat and allow to cool.

    When the syrup is cool pour it into a jar along with the brandy and the orange zest. Allow to steep for one day, shaking periodically.

    After one day, remove the vanilla pod. Leave to steep for a further twenty four hours.

    Strain through a muslin cloth (or a coffee filter) and decant into pretty bottles or jars. Add your labels and decorations and there you have it ! A real winter warmer.

    The liqueur is ready to drink after one more day, and will keep for up to a year.  

    Peel and slice the ginger, bring to the boil with vanilla, sugar and water. Simmer for twenty minutes, then allow to cool.

    Place brandy and orange zest in a sealable jar. Add the cooled syrup and allow to steep.

    After steeping, strain the liqueur through a muslin cloth and decant into pretty bottles. Just one more day and it’s ready to drink !

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