Regular visitors to our Facebook page might remember our sunflower competition last year. Our lovely guests helped us raise two hundred and forty pounds for  The  Riding for the Disabled Association,  just by sponsoring a sunflower ! It was a tense time waiting to see who would be awarded the tasty prize of dinner for four, as well as the glory of having the tallest specimen if sunny loveliness.

Henry with last years contestants.

Henry with last years contestants.

The good news is, we’re doing it again! We have have planted out our seedlings this week, so keep your eyes peeled for our competition on Facebook.

So tall !

So tall !

If you fancy growing your own happy giants, then Libby has given us three key tips


As the name suggests, Sunflowers need sun, and lots of it. Choose the sunniest spot in your garden, a minimum of six to eight hours a day will help them reach their potential.


At the Hundred House, we plant our Sunflowers against the same wall each year. The wall gives them support, and keeps them sheltered, as well as absorbing the heat of the day to stimulate growth.They brighten the day of everyone who passes by!


Sunflowers are at their best by the end of July. We planted ours out on 23rd of May, which means they grow an incredible 8-12 feet in a few months. Hard working wonders of the plant world!

Morning !

Morning !

Sunflower Facts

  • Sunflower is the only flower with the word “flower” in its name.
  • Leaving the seed heads will attract a range of birds to your garden, and provide them with food when insects and grubs are scarce.
  • They can be converted to scrubbing heads; once the birds have snaffled the seeds, the empty seed head makes and excellent pot scrubber.
  • They were cultivated in the Americas as far back as 3000 B.C., and exported to  Europe by Spanish conquistadors in the sixteenth century.
  • In the language of flowers, Sunflowers stand for faith, loyalty and adoration. Doesn’t that work beautifully with our ethos here at the Hundred House?

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