Libby needs our help! Who is Libby you say?

Well, if you’ve met her you’ll know she’s one of the most uniquely kind ladies you’ll ever meet, if you haven’t met her you might know some of her work her at The Hundred House?…

– If you’ve walked through the garden and thought “how do they keep this looking so beautiful and free from weeds?” – that’s Libby & team!

– If you’ve stayed and thought “how wonderfully clean the rooms and hotel are”, that’s Libby & her team!

– If you’ve eaten in our Restaurant and liked the flower arrangements on the tables, it’s Libby who picks and arranges those every few days.

– If you’ve ever met Pegasus the Donkey and wondered who looks after her, that’s Libby!

– If you’ve ever loved our Christmas decorations, it’s Libby & team who hang all 30 boxes of them!

…There’s countless more things Libby does, from looking after Henry and his house, to being the only person who knows where absolutely everything (plus the kitchen sink) is in an expanse of outbuildings! She’s been here from the start, 34 years, and the whole team thinks the world of her.

Libby’s lovely husband, Tony, set up Scotty’s Donkeys from scratch, on the ground by Apley Farm Shop, 7 years ago. The whole family are animal obsessed and the collection has grown and grown over the years, from just 5 animals, to now having many different animals and breeds, including Lambs, Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Llama, Deer, Pigs, Tortoises, Sheep, Pony and many more! It’s a chance for children (and let’s face it, us too!) to get really close to these animals, learn from them and experience the joy that bottle feeding a lamb can bring! Tony and his daughter Sarah also take animals in to schools and care homes, giving much pleasure to the young and the not so young!

Obviously, Covid19 has brought heartache and financial disruption to many of us, however Scotty’s Donkeys is not eligible for a Government grant. Not only do the family have to get by, they have to find £2500 a month in running costs to feed the animals, as well as any vets bills that crop up. Potentially £7500+ until the perceived lift of lock down.

They lost the first half term trade to the floods, as the roads where closed, now their busiest time of year, Easter, too. They, like us, will remain closed, until this terrible situation has passed. Please, pretty please with cherries on top, if you can help in anyway, whatever you can give, £1 is better than nothing – it will buy a lettuce for a Guinea Pig! 

Here’s the link to their Just Giving page.

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give, it’s appreciated more than we can say! Anyone that knows them knows they would rather starve themselves than let their animals go hungry, we want to help make sure this doesn’t happen.

We’ll leave the last words to Libby, in the form of a poem she wrote for the time capsule we created when we re-thatched the Barn a few years ago, it truly speaks volumes about her beautiful and humble spirit…


A poem to make you smile by Gardener Libby


I am a little Ray of sunshine

Getting all the weeds

Keeping people happy

Tending to their needs


I love the early mornings

When I have to clean

Listening to the songbirds

Whilst doing the latrines


Winters very different

Oh that dam alarm

Dark and creepy, eerie noises

Power don’t go off

Log fires burning

Empty ashes, careful their still hot!


I polish, sweep, hoover, dust

I love to scrub the yard,

First impressions are a must so scrub Libby very hard!


Into the Donkey stable I go

Sunshine, freezing, hail or snow

Toast for breakfast, hay and straw

Where’s the nuts? Just a little more


Take out the muck, sweep them clean

And spray for fleas, they’re real mean


Pick the herbs, fresh and quick

Before they drop and look real sick

Rosemary’s good, not into the wood, bay lasts long time

Some fever few flowers Anise, Mint and Thyme,

Stand back and look, yes, they are fine


Check on the girls, beavering about no time to chat just give them a shout.

Check they’re ok, no moans or groans or worries

Now, hoover the office, empty the bin, mind the computer! That’s plugged in


Pick the beans, tomatoes, cucumbers

Feed the birds whilst summer slumbers

Fleece up all the tender flowers from cold, stormy winter showers


Blue cloths, oven cloths all mixed up

Sort them all out, yuk!

Over to Yew Tree to get them washed, then into the dryer, it never stops!

Just a few of my daily tasks, to keep me employed is all I ask.